Spring Cleaning Magic by Jacob Anderson

April 30, 2023

Spring Cleaning Magic

Beltane marks the halfway point between Spring and the beginning of Summer. May is a great time to do a magical spring cleaning. Jacob Anderson shares a recipe and tips for cleaning and clearing the energy in your home to protect from negativity and to invite in prosperity, love, luck, abundance. A great technique for magical cleansing involves using a special mixture of Florida water, Chinese wash, Holy water, and Cascarilla, combination that’ll clear and cleanse anything in your space.

You will need:

Florida water, a citrus based cologne that cleans an area and heightens the energy of the space. Based on the idea of the fountain of youth being in Florida, Florida water contains alcohol and citrus & floral scents.

Holy water, water blessed by an ordained priest/priestess. Holy water cleanses and purifies any surface and/or solution. A great way to strengthen any cleansing wash.

Chinese Wash, a liquid mixture of herbs and spiritual salts  for cleaning, purification, and unjinxing. Chinese floor wash is a great way to cleanse any surface in your space.

High John Floor sweep, a dry mixture of herbs used for purification, protection, and unjinxing.

Cascarilla, created from powdered eggshell, is a versatile cleaning tool that has been long used in Santeria. Used solid like chalk to write or draw symbols on a surface or dust around the home for protection or warding off spiritual entities, and to aid in psychic protection. When water is added to it, it can be used as a paint on surfaces. Cascarilla is a potent repellent of negative energies and a purifier of space.


Make a magical-cleaning wash.  With a bowl or bucket of warm water, add in the above ingredients. Trust your intuition of how much of each ingredient to add or which ones to eliminate. The super magical part of this creation, activating the purification properties of the materials. Call upon the deities and ancestors, of your choosing, to charge the mixture with your intent.

Prepare the rooms for cleansing. Sweep the floors of all rooms that are to be cleaned, (you can use some of the dried floor sweep for this step too).

Cleanse. After the rooms are ready use the cleaning solution and wipe down all walls, floors, surfaces, doors, windowsills( you can even include the ceilings). As you are cleaning focus on your intent for the cleaning, what you are removing and what you are calling in.

Finish. A great way to finish off a magical cleansing is to open the windows and doors and burn incense, herbs, or an herb bundle throughout the space, ensuring that that it is cleared and purified.

This magical cleasing wash can also be used on magical and ritual items.

Now that your space is cleansed, you’re ready to bring in new positive energies.