Love Spells

January 29, 2023

A Love Spell for exploring self-love and/or creating the potential of a loving life mate.

You will need:
Red Candle
Oil for the purpose of the spell
Incense for purpose of the spell
Stones for the purpose of the spell
Sheet of paper and pen
Use the incense to cleanse the space, tools, and stones. Anoint your candle and stones with the oil. Dab some of the oil on the paper, and some on your heart. Ground and focus on the purpose of your spell. When you are ready write down your heart's intentions. For self-love write down all the things you love about yourself and what you would like to heal. For a partner write down all the traits you are looking for and want in a relationship. Focus and visualize all the hopeful outcomes of the love you wish for and deserve. Make sure to compliment yourself and even hug yourself while visualizing. See yourself happily in love with yourself and/or a partner. With these thoughts in mind hold the crystals tight and place them over your heart. When you are ready fold the paper and dab with more oil. Place the paper on your altar with the stones on top. Now just sit with love and loves potential. Once you feel your spell is complete leave the altar set. The folded paper should be held onto so later when the love comes you have a memory to keep.
It may take a day or many before the spell works but never give up hope. Repeat the spell as often as you like and remember gratitude grows the heart!
May love find and surround you!

Created by The Witch Behind the Cauldron


Self Love Honey Jar Spell

A great spell for self-love is to make yourself a sweetening jar. It is a simple working that you can do with what you already have on-hand. You will need a jar with a lid, a sweetener (honey, sugar, molasses, or syrup), a candle, a piece of paper, and a pen.

Begin by writing a petition about what you are seeking. Your petition can be brief, simple, or detailed. Try writing the petition without the pen ever leaving the paper. Fold the paper once towards yourself, rotate it clockwise, fold it again, then repeat once more. Fold three times total. Before placing the petition in the jar, taste the sweetener while speaking aloud your purpose.

Place the folded paper in the jar. You may want to include personal effects such as a strand of your hair, a piece of your jewelry, a small photograph of yourself, herbs related to your purpose, and a few drops of a conditioning oil you have on hand, or you can use olive oil that you have self-blessed.

Traditionally a candle is burned on the lid of the jar. Choose a candle color that relates to your purpose. White candles can be used as all purpose, tea light candles are small enough to fit, chime and taper candles burn longer. Light the candle and think or say aloud a few words about your intent that are easy to remember.

Burn a candle on the jar lid once a week, or as often as you like. Every time you light the candle, think, or say the same words as the first time. Don’t worry if some candle wax leaks over the jar, the wax seals your intention.
Keep the jar as long as you want. Do not open the jar until you are ready to dispose. If you see cracks in in the glass, leaks, or mold simply dispose of the old jar and make a new one, removing personal items that you want to keep.