How we make our Bath Salts

September 17, 2022

How we make our Bath Salts

The process of anything in life requires focus, intention, and follow through. Magic is no different and requires belief. When making the store bath salts there are steps to ensure that the product is safe and does the intended purpose.

We use the best ethically sourced Epsom Salts, Dead Sea Salts, natural dyes, herbs, and essential oils. We create each bath salt with the magical intention in mind every step of the process. We make sure to cleanse and clean the workspace thoroughly. We light a white cleansing candle and ARC cleansing herbal smoke mixture, wipe all surfaces down with earth safe cleaner, put on our gloves and tie our hair back. We make sure the environment is calm and clear. Once we have the space ready, we gather the list of needed bath salts. From this list we set out our salt mix, oil blends, natural coloring, and herbs. We use plastic bags and containers in hopes the customer will reuse these items after cleaning them for other things. We take deep a breath and then center on the magic of the bath salt being made at hand. Say we are making our popular Money Bath salt. We place the bath salt mixture in our mixing bowl, thinking about money coming to those who are using the salt. Seeing money flowing into the mixing bowl. We mix clockwise until the salt, oil, and coloring is mixed. The colors can sometimes flux depending on the available ingredients. We mix and mix until we feel the magical goal has been placed into the salt itself. Then we bag or bottle and label. Once we move onto the next bath salt, we cleanse the area if needed, and clean the mixing bowl and spoon readying it for the next magical bath salt and intention. We play music in the workspace that enriches and fills the air with song. We place our deepest intentions into that salt for the customer to conjure the best benefits. Always wishing for the highest outcome to any who use the bath salts.

How to use the bath salts is up to the person. You can use them for yourself, with another person, or as a gift to someone who needs a little magical help. If you are unsure of allergies, we always suggest testing a small amount in a bowl and placing a finger or hand in to see. Make sure to read the ingredients and know what you should avoid if you have sensitive skin.

As the saying goes the bath is your cauldron, you are the ingredients, boil, boil, toil, toil, make the magic happen!

Hail and Blessings,