Garden Witch Tips

April 30, 2024

Garden Witch Tips

Green Witch, Garden Witch, Herbalist, whichever term you choose, people have cultivated plants for their magical properties for thousands of years.

Getting started growing herbs and plants to use in magic does not have to require a lot of time, space, or money.

Tips for Magical Gardening

Many magical plants and herbs will happily grow on a windowsill or small balcony.

Everyday household containers can be repurposed into growing containers. Be sure to add holes in the bottom for drainage.

Growing plants from seeds is less costly than plant starts and offers more varieties. Easy-to-grow seeds include lemon balm, catnip, clary sage, and mugwort.

Growing plants from seed develops a deeper relationship with the plant, which enhances and strengthens the magic you perform when using them in mojo bags , spell bottles, or infused into tea.

Before planting your seeds charge them by holding in the palm of your hands and telling them the magical intention for their use.

Plant the seeds in the shape of a sigil or symbol related to their magical use. Mugwort seeds in the shape of a moon for dream recall, Clary Sage in the shape of an eye for clear vision to heighten divination and channeling.

Water your plants with moon water.

Press flowers and leaves from your plants to add to your Book of Shadows.

Harvest seeds from your plant to grow next year.

Invite the energy of magical plants into your life by growing them in or around your home. You are casting a spell with long lasting effects.