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October 31, 2022

Dreamwork is a term that includes dream analysis and interpretation, lucid dreaming, dream walking, and dream spells. While we sleep our brain is processing the day's events and problem solving. The phrase "sleeping on it" suggest our dreams can offer a solution or new outlook to a problem.  For the magical practitioner dreamwork involves learning to speak the language of our dreams and interact with them in a way that helps our magical workings and communications. Dreamwork can enhance spell work, magical goals and shadow work practices. The winter months, when nature is hibernating, is an excellent time to explore your inner world through dreaming.

Keep a dream journal  to write down your dreams. Leave some blank pages in case you want to add sketches or collages. Take your dream journal and a pen to bed with you every night to have on hand when you awake.

Dream Working Ritual

Prepare your space

Make your nightstand a bedtime altar. Place on it items relevant to the dreamwork you are doing. Candles, incense, stones, oils, flowers whatever appeals to you and be sure to include your dream journal and a pen.

Prepare yourself

Take a bath with the Dream bath salts or use as a foot bath. Allow yourself to relax and think about the things you want to manifest or resolve in your dreaming . If you’re just beginning dream work ,you may want to focus on being able to recall your dreams when you wake.

Prepare for Sleep

Make yourself a cup of Dream Tea.  A bedtime tea is a ritual by itself and can enhance the lucid dreaming process. Dream Tea can improve your ability to remember your dreams and increase their frequency. You can add your Dream Recall Flower Essence to your tea.

Place your Dream candle in a bowl or shallow dish with water for safety and connection to the element of water. Light your candle. Focus on the flame and practice deep breathing to clear your mind. You can snuff the flame out and repeat on subsequent nights. Practice fire safety.

Anoint yourself (third eye, pulse points, soles of your feet) with Dream oil and/or saturate a cotton ball and place in your pillowcase. You may also spray your bed linens with Deep Dream Spray.

Lay down, close your eyes and become aware of the darkness. Observe how you feel and any images or visions you experience as you drift off to sleep.


Upon awakening write down everything you can remember from your dreams in your journal. Be sure to  include colors, environment/location, feelings, emotions, words, time of day, people, animals, symbols, etc.

Consistency and intention are the key ingredients for all spell work. The more you practice dreaming and  dream recall the better will you become at tapping into this altered state.