Dream On! by Pamela Shook

October 31, 2022


By Pamela Shook 

One of the most frequent questions I get as a reader is “How can I get in touch with my guides?” or “How can I learn to trust my intuition?” The short answer is that it takes time, practice and experimenting with different tools and techniques. But one of the richest and most natural avenues to tapping into higher guidance is learning to interpret your dreams. 

Some cultures begin each morning sharing dreams and helping each other interpret them over breakfast, so they learn early how to remember their dreams, take them seriously, and work with them. Our culture values logic and teaches us to ignore intuition, so we have to work harder to tap into the magic and trust the messages. 

However, your subconscious mind is still loyally working for you to create these amazing little movies — four or five per night — whether you remember them or not!  Some dreams involve astral travel, visitations, or time travel, most dreams are created to help us process and resolve issues in our daily lives. 

 And while some dream symbols are pretty universal, we each have a unique dream language as individual as our fingerprint. Decoding your own dream language is key to growing both your intuition and creativity, solving problems, and generating inspiration when you feel stuck. You can even learn to program a dream specific to an issue you want to address, dream lucidly while awake, and do spell work to manifest the inspiration found in your dreams.  

The first step is keeping a dream journal. It can be a cheap spiral notebook, binder, or a lovely leather-bound journal—your call.  Keep it by your bed with a pen so you can write down dreams first thing.  If you wait even a few minutes, most details will fade. 

There are numerous ways to use Tarot to promote dream recall and to create spells to work with your dreams.  The most universal card for dreaming is The Moon (Luna).  So as you begin to work with dream recall, start with placing the Moon on your altar as you ask for a dream. 

Pamela Shook reads at the shop on Fridays and Sundays, drawing from over thirty years’ experience as a Tarot reader, Reiki Master, and Alchemical Hypnotherapist. In addition to more traditional readings, appointments over thirty minutes can include Reiki or Dream Work consultations. For further information, text 704-534-0687. To book an in-person reading, call the shop at 828-424-7868.