Book Review: Metal Never Lies (Review by Edward Phipps)

June 29, 2023

Metal Never Lies is a book by Sam 'Bo' Thompson covering the use and manipulation of common metals. It starts by describing Sam's journey into learning about these metals from a complete novice to becoming an expert in blacksmithing and their magical metal application. We are surrounded by metal but how many of us think about what properties these metals possess? This fantastic book explains what Sam has learned about metals, learning with rudimentary tools going all the way to using professional blacksmithing supplies. What I find to be one of the best elements of this book is midway through when we are given the same tools that Sam started with. Many of these are made from common household items that we all have access to. As a magic practitioner I found all of this fascinating and enlightening. From beginning to end this book has everything anyone needs to start their journey in manipulating metal and using it to amplify pre-existing magic practices. Metal never lies should be a staple within anyone's magical library and ritual tool set. We are surrounded by metals. If we learn what they mean, how they can be augmented, Sam's sense of humor and easy going nature come through in his writing making it easy to read and comprehend. He has a way of simplifying the magical process to be easy to comprehend and follow. 10 out of 10 and added to my home library.