Acorn Magic

August 31, 2022

Acorns have many magical associations, including creativity, divination, fertility, longevity, prosperity, and protection. Acorns are easy to collect this time of year for those who live near oak trees as a free magical material.

Staff Acorn Magic

Simple faery acorn offering

Find a cap from an acorn on the ground? Pretty easy come fall they seem to be everywhere. Pick it up, wipe it off and make a faery wish basket!

Take the tiny acorn cap fill it with fresh dirt, a bit of moss, tiny stones if you find them, bug wings anything from the ground around you ethically sourced of course!

Tuck it all into the tiny cap, close your eyes, feel nature surround you, then whisper a wish into the cap, place it by the hollow of a tree or a place that seems where fae folks would frequent.

Turn and walk away don't look back and say thank you fae for hearing your wish.

The best time to do this is first thing in the morning when the dew is on the ground and the sun is sneaking through the trees. Or at dusk when the peepers start peeping and the bats make loops in the setting sun.

Wish magick for any age the young or young at heart. Remember to stay grounded, protected, and keep your shields up.

When the wish comes true go back to where you left the acorn wish basket and speak thanks. Leave a shiny tiny thing or yummy, sweet, ethically always no harm to nature.

Blessings and may your tiny wishes become big true!

Blessings from Beth

Acorn spell work for a long-term goal

This time of year, anywhere that mature oaks are growing, acorns tend to be plentiful. Acorns have been associated with fertility, prosperity, protection, and even longevity.

Much of their purported magical qualities likely spring from their long life--the average length of an oak tree is 200 years, with some living to be over 400. Oaks are often struck by lightning due to frequently being the tallest tree in a stand or grove, yet they routinely survive such events. This attribute is probably the reason that magical folklore has adopted using acorns for protection from storms and lightning.

Acorns make a splendid tool for magical work, especially when it comes to spell work for a long-term goal that requires extra planning, like buying a home, a pregnancy, or really any major project. Sometimes the most effective magical work are those spells performed and then are somewhat forgotten about while the magic does the work.

What you need:

Acorns of any variety

A bowl of water

A place to plant - either outside or in a pot filled with soil

You can make this spell as elaborate or as simple as you wish. Candles, incense, bells (and whistles!) can all be added, but the most important aspect is your intent.

The first thing you must do is to collect some acorns. To determine whether an acorn is viable and healthy, place the acorns in a bowl of water. Those that float are not viable and can be returned to the outside so they can be food for wildlife. Collect the acorns that sunk and are resting on the bottom of the bowl.

The germination period for an acorn can range anywhere from 30-60 days depending on the variety of acorn. Most require stratification, a process that needs cool temperatures and a moist environment. Acorns added to a moist mixture of sand and peat moss in a baggie, then placed in a refrigerator will do the trick, if you opt to go this route.

The simpler route is to either plant them in a container or in the ground. They should be buried 1/2" - 1" deep. Keep in mind that most small wildlife--squirrels, chipmunks, moles and voles--find acorns to be a delightful meal, so picking a spot that might protect your germinating acorn from roving critters is key.

Now for the magical part. First, whether you are planting outside or in a container, focus on the area and envision it as being a safe and welcoming space for germination and growth. You can draw a sigil of protection or a pentacle on the container or draw one in the soil both before and after planting.

Next, collect your acorns while holding in your mind the purpose of your magical work--a new home, a child, a new career--whatever your purpose. After you have collected your acorns, place them in the bowl of water.

You can charge the water prior to placing the acorns in it with the intent to purify and clarify if you desire, but it is not necessary. As you place the acorns in the water imagine those acorns most suited to the task as sinking to the bottom of the bowl. Remove any floating acorns, and then collect those that sunk.

How many acorns you plant is up to you. Most gardeners will tell you to plant a few more seeds than you really want. I would suggest planting 2-3 acorns.

As you place your acorns in the soil, envision the purpose of your magical work. Cover the acorn with soil, envisioning it as safe and protected. The acorn becomes the physical embodiment of your spell, drawing energy and nutrition from the soil around it to ultimately sprout and manifest your desire.

If you choose, you can lightly draw a pentacle with your finger in the soil. If you used a container to plant in, place it outside where it will be undisturbed. and now forget about until the spring!

Star B.