When Spirits Visit: A Collection of Stories by Indigenous Writers by MariJo Moore

MariJo Moore


Compiled and edited by noted author MariJo Moore , WHEN SPIRITS VISIT contains stories centered on spiritual visitation – animal, bird, and people. Some are fiction, some non-fiction, and some faction. Discernment is left to each reader.

Writers included are: Susan Deer Cloud, Phyllis A. Fast, Gabriel Horn, Amy Krout-Horn, Evan Pritchard, Jim Stevens, MariJo Moore, Sean Milanovich, Clifford Trafzer, Dawn Karima Pettigrew, Lois Red Elk, Willliam Yellow Robe, Jr, Dean Hutchins. and Denise Low.

All respected published authors in the Native American realm of literature. This book is unique in its presentation of the fact that "...many of us do believe in the mysteries of the universe, even if they cannot be “proved” mathematically or scientifically. There are spirit beings who help us, who guide us, and there are spirit beings who can confuse us as well. Spirit beings are all around us at any given moment. These spirits have their work to do in helping us, so they need us as much as we need them.”

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