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The Witch's Journey by Elaanie S



Elaanie S invites the reader to consider the commonalities between her experiences of spiritual awakening and their own. Guiding them through a series of intellectual exercises, the reader naturally awakens to a better understanding of the obstacles which stand between themselves and a path free of fear and guilt. The Witch's Journey reviews the cultural influences of traditional religion and how the inaccuracies and deceptions of those systems permeate virtually ever facet of life and psychologically bind their followers. Throughout the process, the reader is challenged to do the work of questioning, introspection, journaling and, finally, ritual which serves to metaphorically and literally “cut the cords” which bind them to the indoctrination of Christian dogma. Elaanie S presents the reader with the logical alternative to the well-worn path - the spiritual freedom to pursue a deeper, more empowered relationship with the Divine.

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