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World Spirit Tarot by Madame Onça

Onca OLeary


World Spirit Tarot is inclusive, with folks of many cultures, colors and body types. Instead of the traditional King, Queen, Knight and Page, the court cards are represented by the non-hierarchical Seer, Seeker, Sibyl, and Sage.
Bearing imagery with a traditional woodcut feel and painted with vibrant, rich colors, the unique artwork presents a progressive and otherworld quality to this exotic deck.

Madame Onça, aka Lauren ‘Onça’ O’Leary, is the artist and co-author of the World Spirit Tarot, a ground-breaking traditional deck noted for a focus on inclusivity and empowerment. Onça has read and taught tarot across the US in a variety of settings, from private events to corporate gigs and conventions. A career artist, writer, and entertainer, she has produced hundreds of shows, festivals and community events across the South Eastern US.

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