The Rebis - The Chariot



The Rebis is a print publication celebrating the connection between tarot and creativity. For our second anthology, we invited 28 writers, artists, and tarotists to explore their personal relationships with the Chariot as well as related cards, including the Tower and the Minor Sevens. This issue is 120 pages long, double the size of our Wheel of Fortune edition!

Within these pages, we deconstruct traditional meanings of the card (“success,” “willpower,” “victory”) and explore the tension between surrender and control. This anthology is intimate and vulnerable, covering themes of desire, eroticism, transformation, and authenticity. Here, we reject dominant narratives. We center stories of self-discovery and honor our queerness. We invite destruction and embrace ego death. We go to sex camp. We renounce celebrity billionaire culture. We shatter our own expectations. We accept our beautiful contradictions.

The content in this publication is evergreen and timeless. It’s designed to be held and savored. We invite you to explore this at your own pace, whether that’s reading from cover to cover or revisiting the material whenever you pull the Chariot card.

Features: 8x10 full-color print anthology, 120 pages. This is a beautiful book with a matte softcover, packed with stunning art, provocative prose, and lots of tarot insight. Editorial content spans personal essays, creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and prose. There are multiple journal prompts and tarot spreads, a ritual guide, and a numerology overview of the Chariot. This issue features original watercolor paintings, illustrations, photography, collages, and two pieces of artwork that include QR codes with digital extensions (linking you to video content, a playlist, and more). 


  • Stephanie Adams-Santos 
  • Sarah Arantza Amador
  • Patricio Antonio
  • Caroline Cala Donofrio
  • K. Leigh Clapp
  • Caren Gussoff Sumption
  • Gabby Holden
  • Nick Jacobs
  • Madison Jamar
  • Meg Jones Wall
  • Eryn Johnson
  • Nick Kepley 
  • Emily Knapp
  • Katie Kraushaar
  • KJ Naum 
  • Hannah Levy
  • Xaviera Lopez
  • Maria Minnis
  • Kim Rashidi 
  • Anthony Perrotta
  • Kaitlyn Pietras 
  • Helen Shewolfe Tseng 
  • Cassandra Snow 
  • Kelly Tatham 
  • Chad Unger
  • Sam Valentine 
  • Virginia Vigliar 
  • Siri Vincent Plouff

We're a not-for-profit publication.
After operating costs, all profits from the sale of the publication will be distributed equally between three nonprofits committed to reproductive justice and reparations: The Sogorea Te Land Trust; The National Network of Abortion Funds; and Liberated Capital.