Tarot of Life by Mariah Oller



Chosen as one of the “Best Tarot Decks for Beginners” by the Today Show.

A diverse range of skin tones, ages, body types, and relationship styles Removal of unnecessary gender.

Bound 194 Page Guide that amplifies your intuitive understanding of the cards 

Linen cardstock for incredible shuffling Court Cards Reimagined Court cards have been renamed in order to facilitate a more intuitive understanding of the cards. This change also removes unnecessary gender in the cards. Pages have become Explorers Knights have become Students Queens have become Influencers Kings have become Teachers, 

The Tarot of Life Guide is a refined version of my original tarot research journal. In the bound guide you’ll find Associations for astrology, elements, numerology, and timing..

Mariah Oller is a cell biologist turned tarot reader, artist, and educator. Her clients include celebrities, surgeons, therapists, professors, attorneys and more. Her work has been featured in Bustle, Oprah Daily, and the Today Show

Locally Made in NC! 

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