Smudging Incense (MU)



Smudging is a spiritual process of passing a room, object, or even one's self through cleansing herbal smoke as a path to purification. Maroma's handmade leaf incense wands are a respectful, charming, and convenient tribute to these ancient traditions. Simply light the tip and allow it to flame and then blow it out to release fragrant smoke. It can be held by hand or placed in a holder.

Made with natural essential oils

Free of artificial fragrances

No Charcoal, No Phthalates 

Wood powder with botanical gum base

Burn time: 1 hour

FRANKINCENSE - BLESSING INGREDIENTS: Bmbusa Vulgaris (Bamboo sticks), Wood Powder, Machilus Macaranth (Tree Bark Powder, a natural binder), Essential Oils of Olibanum Absolute.

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