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Leopard Lacewing Fine Silver Pendant



Marc Nugent is proud to offer you the Emerge Collection jewelry line. Inspired by and in collaboration with his daughter, Izzy. Self expression is elegant and delicate, yet courageous. Align with your intuition and truth, embrace life - emerge with confidence.

Inspiring courage, elegance, resilience, empowerment & transformation.

The underside of the Leopard Lacewing Butterfly is one of the most ornate in the butterfly world. The intricate “lace” patterns on the wings are likely to have given this species its common name, Lacewing. Made from Sterling silver and glass, this necklace was designed to feature the delicate beauty of this real butterfly wing. Graceful and charming, this necklace makes for the perfect gift, particularly for those interested in unique finds, biology and science. 

The butterfly wing is secured in a fine sterling silver and glass pendant.
Ethically sourced butterfly wing from Peru.

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