Happily Ever After: Magical Creatures Hardcover



A primer of the familiar fairy-tale characters of magical creatures, from the various forms they take to the tricks they play, plus famous stories and movies in which they have appeared. Part of the Happily Ever After series Beautiful princesses, evil queens, dark curses, talking animals, and magical fairy godmothers—they all make for good stories, but what makes fairy tales special? This series introduces the classic elements of the fairy tale genre in doses small enough for young readers to study, helping them to master the form on their own. A concluding fill-in-the-blank story based on the concepts presented throughout each book invites budding writers to customize their own fairy tales and imagine how each episode can go from “once upon a time” to Happily Ever After! Ages 6 - 10 Nonfiction, 24 pages, 2013

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