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DIY Animism: Your Personal Guide to Animal Spirits by Lupa



This is the new, updated and annotated edition of DIY Totemism, a work that redefined the concept of neopagan animal spirit work. First published in 2008, this 2020 release keeps my original material while improving it with updates and annotations. Join me as I explore animal spirits beyond the Big, Impressive North American Birds and Mammals! You’ll learn how to create connections with animals you may never have thought of, work with these spirits in your everyday life for your benefit and theirs alike, and even learn how to make the Last Animal Card Deck You’ll Ever Need! Free from formulaic dictionary entries, streamlined without tons of prefabricated spells, and full of material based on my decades of experience, DIY Animism is the ultimate guide to deeper, more personal relationships with the animal spirits in your life.

There are some familiar topics for those who have read my other works; animal spirit work, of course, was a featured topic, and in this new work I delve even deeper between the potential interaction between therianthropy and animism. However, you’ll also find out how to use legal entheogens like caffeine and alcohol in conjunction with animism, how to work magic to aid animal spirits and their physical representatives, and how to make a deck of animal cards that will literally get you in touch with the archetypal spirit of any animal species. Best of all, rather than relying on yet another animal dictionary with someone else’s interpretations, there are exercises at the end of every chapter designed to help you compose your own dictionary for your personal use.

While a basic working knowledge of magic and animism is helpful, DIY Animism is written in an approachable fashion. Solid research and proper citation methods are paired with thorough practical results showing my work, and rather than being a dogmatic guide to what you should and shouldn’t do, I provide you with tools you can integrate into your own practice.

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