Dirt Gems Deck



Explore the transcendent power of plant allies with Dirt Gems, a deluxe 65-card deck and illustrated guide set that harnesses the magic and mystery of the natural world.

What can we learn if we take the time to listen to the plants growing all around us? What messages can we take in, and what sense of connection to ourselves and the world around us can we cultivate? In Dirt Gems, author Anne Louise Burdett and illustrator Chelsea Granger seek to share the wisdom of our plant allies—in all their natural beauty and complexity. Divided into four suits—Ablaze, Afloat, Adrift, and Amidst—these lushly illustrated cards offer tools to tap into the inherent power, and magic, of the natural world. Dive deeper into the meaning of each card in the accompanying illustrated guidebook, whether you are pulling a single card, or creating a spread for further exploration. 

  • 65-card deck with vibrant illustrations: Each card highlights a single plant, from Calendula to Yarrow, with a vivid, whimsical watercolor illustration on the front, along with the plant's name and suit. A unifying card back illustration brings cohesion to this stunning deck, while sprayed metallic edges on the cards add visual interest.
  • Inspiring guide for further reflection: The accompanying flexibound book offers deep insights into the magic of each suit—including colors, elements, energetic signatures, weather, metals, emotions, and landscapes—and the specifics of each plant. Both deeply researched and soulfully written, these card-specific entries guide readers in developing a relationship with their deck.


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