Water Oil



Water: The Water element calls on our emotions, rebirth, flexibility, healing, intuition, cleansing, purification, psychic abilities, fluidity, unconditional love, and inner reflection. Water ebbs and flows, rises and falls, much like our emotions. The transformative nature of water makes it an excellent purifier to wash away what needs to be released. Work with the water element when you need to learn how to “go with the flow” or when you want to enhance your intuition or connect to the dream, spirit, and astral realms.

The water signs of the zodiac are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

The water element is represented by the Western direction, the season of Autumn, the Heart & Sacral chakra, the colors blue and silver, symbol of the chalice, planetary Venus & Moon, and in tarot is associated with the cups suit.

Made with Palmarosa, Ylang Ylang, Ocean Scent, and Jasmine essential and/or fragrance oils in a base of almond oil. 

Added to the bottle is White Coralite, Sea Salt, Cornflower, Sand, Jasmine, Lapis Lazuli. These are all handcrafted and so bottle additions may vary slightly depending on what is available.