Taurus Oil



Astrological: The astrological oils are designed to call on different aspects associated with each individual sign. Work with these oils when you want to call on specific qualities or even just to honor the season or related astrological phases.

Taurus: Taurus is a fixed sign, ruled by the earth element and the planet Venus. Taurus oil helps to call on strength, tenacity, and focus. Taurus also has a sensual nature and loves to indulge in the divine. Taurus oil can aid in helping us find a sense of groundedness and the ability to remain present in the body & the moment. Taurus energy is steady, stable, and comfortable. Those who need support in standing their ground or finding their roots may benefit from working with this oil. Taurus season is April 20-May 20.

Made with Oakmoss, Jasmine, and Sandalwood essential and/or fragrance oils in a base of almond oil. 

Added to the bottle is Garden Sage, Usnea, Rose Quartz, & Malachite. These are all handcrafted and so bottle additions may vary slightly depending on what is available.