Calamus & Honey Safe Travel Oil

Calamus & Honey


This oil is a guardian for all travelers. It is essentially a spell in a bottle, meaning it brings good luck just by having it on your person. It is used in physical travel as well as astral travel, popular with both jet setters and psychics. There is a prayer we say over the finished product that perfectly encapsulates the power of this oil.

"May [Full Name of Person] travel safely and freely upon the earth, over the water, and under the sky. May no enemy hinder [his or her] journey. May no wild animals beset [him or her]. May [he or she] find food, drink, and safe shelter in abundant measure every day. In times of need, may kindly strangers come to [his or her] aid without stint. As the Peregrine to the nest, may [Full Name of Person] return home at a good speed, having accomplished all [his or her] works successfully and with complete satisfaction."

Anoint yourself while traveling, your keys, hands, inside your shoes. Say the prayer before your journey for extra potency. Light a white candle anointed with the oil with a loved ones name on it to ensure their safety while traveling.

Coconut oil base, Rose, Peppermint, Angelica, Comfrey, Cinquefoil, Mugwort Essential Oils.

Disclaimer: Contains essential oils. A skin test is recommended prior to use. Do not ingest. We have not had any issues thus far. However, we are not responsible for any reactions you may have to our products.

Carrier oils we use are fractionated coconut oil, sweet almond oil, mineral oil and olive oil.

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