Love Bath Salts



We love this adaptation of an old formula.
 Add ingredients to your bath water at dusk, recite poem while standing in tub holding a white lit candle. "Nymphs of water. Sprites of air, bring me someone nice who cares, I don't want a screaming ninny, not too fat and not too skinny. Make them have a heart of gold, and in bed they won't be cold, and let them serve me to a tee, as I will, so mote it be.
After bathing for at least twenty minutes, fantasizing and imagining sexual situations, go out into the world and enjoy the results of this very efficacious bath 
Love Bath Salts: Sandalwood Oil, Clove Oil, Orange Blossom Oil, Dead Sea Salt, and Epsom Salt.

Colors may vary due to all natural colorant.