Earth Oil



Earth: The Earth element calls on stability, grounding, and a sense of security. The earth element also calls on the home and hearth, fertility, harmony, and nourishment. Earth sustains all of life, is the physical and the sensual. The Earth creates room for growth, prosperity, abundance, building new foundations, and long term planning. Earth balances our mental, emotional, and physical well being. A balanced earth element looks like having a strong sense of self, feeling secure, and remaining grounded in the present moment.

The earth signs of the zodiac are: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.
The earth is represented by the Northern direction, the root chakra, the season of Winter, the colors white, green and brown, the symbol of the pentagram, planetary Saturn, and in tarot is associated with the pentacle suit.

Made with Vetiver & Honeysuckle essential and/or fragrance oils in a base of almond oil. 

Added to the bottle is Usnea, Moss Agate, Honeysuckle, & Bloodstone. These are all handcrafted and so bottle additions may vary slightly depending on what is available.