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Beltane Oil



Use these Sabbat oils to anoint yourself, candles, and other ritual tools you feel called to use during your celebrations and honoring.

Beltane: Beltane, also called Midsummer and “May Day” takes place on May 1st, and is another celebration of the light half of the year. The days are reaching their longest, brightest, and soon to be warmest. Beltane celebrates life and is busy with bursting energy of creation and romance as people continue to celebrate the growing power of the sun. During Beltane, rituals are often performed to protect cattle and crops, as well as to encourage growth and fertility of the land and people. Beltane is the official season of planting and strongly associated with sensuality and integration of all of our polarities and energetics. This Sabbat is also a traditional time to renew and reawaken our inner fire. Celebrated with bonfires, feasts, fertility rituals, and dancing around maypoles, celebrants welcome in a new time of abundance, vitality, and magic, stimulating inner growth and fruitful future endeavors. Beltane is a time for joining in creation, finding joy, and building community.

Celebrating Beltane, like many Pagan celebrations, involves bonfires, festivities, and feasts, but Beltane calls for the joy of dancing and letting go. Make flower crowns, create a fairy altar,  build a maypole, learn about your own fertility, and give yourself permission to celebrate your sensuality.

Made with Lily of the Valley, Violet, Honeysuckle, and Lemon Balm essential and/or fragrance oils in a base of almond oil.

In the bottle there is added violet, honeysuckle, and ruby in zoisite or aventurine. These are all handcrafted and so bottle additions may vary slightly depending on what is available. 

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