Cassandra Oil



Cassandra Oil: Cassandra, a Greek Trojan priestess. Loved by Apollo, she accepts his offer of the gift of prophecy. When she refuses to comply with his desires Apollo seeks revenge by cursing her so her prophecies would never be believed. Oil can be used for healing complex relationship trauma and trusting your own perceptions even when met with doubt.
Magical oils have a wide variety of uses. Wear as a personal oil, as an offering to deities and spirits, and as an aid for enhancing meditation. Ceremonially anoint statues, magical tools, candles, stones, and talismans. Each oil is created to honor the energetic associations of the deity.
Made with: Rose, Lemongrass, Japanese Cherry Blossoms Essential/Fragrance Oils in a base of Almond Oil.
Added to the bottle: Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli
*Please Note, each oil is handmade and while the oil base will remain the same, some of the added contents may vary, within reason

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