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Cut and Clear is a dual action oil that severs the attachments of unhealthy relationships and emotional ties while clearing the way for new and better relationships.  This oil is used often for toxic romantic and platonic relationships you just can’t seem to move past.  One of the main ingredients in this oil is Lemon, known for its refreshing scent and use in separation work as well as cleansing. The most traditional use of this oil follows below.

You will need -

 two candles, one black and one white

Cut and clear oil

Red thread


Incense for clearing, Lemongrass or Frankincense are good options

A piece of paper and pen


A lemon

Start out by making two columns on the piece of paper. In the left column start listing all the things about the relationship or situation that you didn’t like and want to let go of. On the column on the right start listing the things you liked about the person or situation.

Take a few days to add and subtract from this list, really take your time with this. Feel free to take a break and come back to it. 

Once you feel like your list is complete take the cut and clear oil and use it to create a line between the two columns and tear the paper in half. Next carve your name into the white candle and the name of the person or situation you want to get rid of in the black candle. Anoint the black candle with cut and clear oil dressing it away from you. After you have placed both candles in fire safe holders tie them together with the red string. Light your incense and place the half of the list with negative things under the black candle and place the half of the list of the good things under the white candle. Place a line of salt in between the two candles vertically. Next pray out loud for what you wish and take up the scissors and cut the red thread connecting the two candles. You can pray from the heart but I have known people to use the 10th or 37th psalms. Place the open scissors in between the candles with the blades facing the black candle.

Once the candles are burnt out make a slit in the lemon and insert any candle remains, thread and the list of negative attributes. Take this to a crossroads or river. Throw it over your left shoulder, don’t look back and take a different route home.

Hang on to the list of the attributes you liked and you can use it later in drawing a new love to you. Come To Me is a good one for this.



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