Calamus & Honey Bewitching Bath

Calamus & Honey


One of our most popular oils now in bath form.  Its a tried and true seduction formula that is used to attract and captivate a lover. It will promote deep bonds of love and lust and create mystery that will draw in your crush. It can also reignite a flame of attraction between long term lovers and give you the upper hand. 

If you are going out and would like to receive some special attention and adoration , soak in this bath before going out. Wash upwards and when you exit the bath let some of the bath water air dry on your skin allowing the essence to remain. If you really want to up the anti use the bath three nights in a row while the moon is waxing.

You can dissolve the bath in a basin of water and add it to the final laundry rinse of your bedding or clothes you will be wearing out. Its a sure way to spice things up. It can also be used in mop water for the same purpose, I like to combine this with follow me boy or come to me. The Formulas all work beautifully together.

Contains essential oils, fragrances, and compelling herbs such as rose geranium, Myrrh, Calamus, Patchouli, Rose, Damiana, Catnip and more.

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