Candle Magic A Guide for Choosing Candle Colors

 A Guide for Choosing Candle Colors

Witches use candles as a simple, effective and flexible tool for adding focus and energy to our spells.
Candles can be inscribed with runes, sigils, words, names, and dressed with oils and herbs.
Choose a candle color associated with the magical effect you are seeking just as you would choose a specific day, hour, or moon phase. Some spells may call for candles of two different colors and some may call for several different colors.
White is a good all-purpose candle. White represents all colors, if you need to work a spell and do not have the color you normally use, substitute white. Protection, purification, positive outcomes, spirituality, peace, truth, stop gossip, cleansing self and home, consecration, balance, order, truth, sincerity, happiness, moon magic.
Black candles are used to banish things, people that are negative, grounding, protection, complete change, breaking bad habits, healing diseases, invisibility, reversing your and others spells, crossing and uncrossing, hexing and unhexing, black magic, binding.
Blue Candles are used for the Element of Water, communication, focus, organization, truth, healing, sleep, meditation, patience, sincerity, forgiveness, acceptance change, increase flexibility, inspiration, tranquility, peace, quietness, serenity, banishing anger, peaceful home.
Brown candles are used for animal magic and healing, general spells for animals, home blessing, stability, locating lost objects, nature, real estate, construction, food, solidity, foundation.
Green candles are used for the Element of Earth, money, personal growth, improve finances, grow prosperity, improve employment situations, grow success, personal business growth, luck, fertility, growth, abundance, gain acceptance, harmony, gardening, tree and plant magic, weather magic, create or dispel envy and jealousy.
Orange candles are used for strength, power, attraction, luck, to promote winning, court success, creativity, opportunity, ambition, speed, courage, energy, justice, career, business goals, professional growth.
Pink candles are used for loving friendships, kindness toward another, compassion, emotional healing, emotional unions, partnership, domestic harmony, protection of children, nurturing, over all good will .
Purple candles are used for power, victory, increase influence, ambition, contacting spirits, spiritual guidance, increase intuition, increase psychic abilities, increase will power, independence, justice, channeling, divination, dreams, psychic energy, astral energy and travel, increase occult knowledge.
Red candles are used for the Element of Fire, passion, heat, lust, assertiveness, competitiveness, strength, vigor, sexual love, attraction, courage, creating conflict, binding, creating or dispelling anger, creating or dispelling hatred.
Yellow candles are used for the Element of Air, travel, intelligence and mental acuity, increase charm, personal charisma, memory, enhance study, increase learning, open the mind, break mental blocks, imagination, spoken or written eloquence, confidence, persuasion.

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