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October 2022 Samhain Newsletter

October 13, 2022

Asheville Pagan Supply

Divination for October – a one-card draw and

Deck: The Halloween Oracle, by Stacy DeMarco with
artwork by Jimmy Manton
, published by Blue Angel Publishing.

Card: The Veil (The Future)

October holds the potential to be rife with messages that
pertain to the future and how it might be navigated. Being aware and attuned to guidance and communication will likely be key. It also requires not only listening to the messages that appear, but also contemplating what meaningful action might be undertaken over time.

Conversely, not paying close attention or being rushed in
how messages and signals are perceived is a prescription for misinterpretation and missed opportunities. Rash decisions and actions undertaken before information can be fully processed and understood is unlikely to yield thedesired outcomes.


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