Pendulums by Edward Phipps

November 29, 2022

The pendulum swings: Learning the basics of the pendulum. 

The first step is to know what a pendulum is and what it could be used for. A pendulum is a weight suspended so it can swing freely back and forward. For our purposes this is a piece of metal or crystal on a string or chain with a small piece at the end to hold onto.  We will be learning how to use a pendulum for basic divination and finding lost items. 

Which pendulum do I use?  This can be the most difficult part because it is not as simple as picking one you like. The pendulum has a choice as well. Many of you may have tried to pick a pendulum with a metal or crystal you have an affinity to, but you received no response from the pendulum itself. This means that the spirit of the pendulum does not wish to work with you, at least not without a lot of work. When first starting out that it is better to choose a pendulum that already works with you to learn the basics. The use of a divination kit can be extremely helpful and is highly advised for beginners. This will help you get the in touch with the spirit of the pendulum.

How do we know if the pendulum will work with us? Hold the pendulum in your dominant hand, suspending it over the open palm of your other hand. If the pendulum moves on its own, it will work with you. If it does not move at all you may want to choose another. 

  The basics of using a pendulum for divination consist of answering yes or no questions. To do this determine what swing is yes and what swing is no. The standard rule is that forward and back (from oneself) is yes and side to side is no. This is not always the case. I will take a pendulum that is responding to me and ask it yes or no questions, that I know the answers to. This exercise will exercise will determine what yes and no is for your pendulum. This can be everything from side to side, front to back, swinging in a clockwise or counter direction.  

The second use of a pendulum is finding lost items. This can be a bit more difficult but with a moderate amount of practice is doable. Position the pendulum the same way as previously stated and think of the item that is lost. As you think of the lost item you will find the pendulum pulls in the direction you must follow. Stop from time to time to recheck the direction. 

This last section will be on troubleshooting your pendulum. If you have a pendulum that is not working correctly it needs to be reset. This is very simple but may require a few items. To start place the pendulum in a small bag and sleep with it under your pillow. This will help reset the pendulums connection. You can also apply divination oil to the chain and pendulum while in use. This will boost the pendulums strength and connection. Drinking a cup of divination tea will help you open up to the pendulum as well, which will allow you to reestablish the connection.    

Once you have become adept at these basics a whole new world of divination will open itself up to you. This will allow you to find the answers you seek.