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Kitchen Witch

July 31, 2023

Kitchen Witches use spells, recipes, and rituals to
create magical meals, gardens, and homes. The kitchen is the modern-day hearth where we come together to cook, share meals, and talk about our lives. Kitchen
witchery offers the opportunity to practice and engage in magic daily by turning simple tasks into sacred acts.

 Create a kitchen altar. Creating an altar is simply assembling symbolic items in a meaningful and intentional way. Kitchen altars can be created on a table, the top of the microwave or refrigerator, or the corner of a counter, trust your instinct when selecting a spot.

 My kitchen altar is the windowsill and window above the kitchen sink, and includes a stained glass raven, an evil eye pendant, bottles for fresh and dried flowers, my
mortar and pestle, a bottle of Chinese Floor wash, orange and rose waters, stones, a candle, hanging herbs from the garden and a spell bottle.

Spell bottles or as they were called in the Elizabethan
age “witch bottles” have been around since the 1600’s. Although primarily used for protection, they can be created for a variety of intentions such as health,
love, money, and happiness.

Start a Kitchen Witch Grimoire or Book of Shadows to hold family recipes, herbal knowledge, and your kitchen witch secret recipes. A kitchen grimoire can be a recipe book, three-ring binder, or a composition book.  

I hope you are enjoying the late days of summer and
cooking up some magic. 

May you have -

Walls for the wind

And a roof for the rain,

And drinks bedside the fire

Laughter to cheer you

And those you love near you,

And all that your heart may desire

(Celtic Blessing)

How to Create a Spell Bottle

1. Define Your Intent.

Spell bottles in your kitchen can offer protection from
burns, cuts and kitchen accidents, bless anything cooked there with health to be passed on to those who enjoy it, amplify the spell work you do there, and bring a sense of security, well-being and happiness that will spread throughout
your home.

2. Select a Container.

A bottle of your choosing.

3. Choose Your Bottle's Contents.

You might choose to add a teaspoon of dry soil from outside
your home or from a favorite house plant. Stones of your choosing such as:

Moss agate has a grounding and stabilizing effect and has
become known as the stone of gardeners. Moss agate causes the release of deep-rooted anxiety and stress, assist in the ability to get along well with others, protects the body during periods of stress, aids in the recovery from illness, increases concentration.

Tigers Eye is a stone that helps release fear and anxiety
and aids harmony and balance. Tigers Eye is attributed to bringing insight into complex situations, protecting from negative energies, helping focus the mind, attracting good luck, grounding, and centering personal energy, dispelling fears, and promoting mental clarity.

Herbs of your choosing. Learn more about the attributes of each herb to match your intentions for the spell bottle.

Add any other items you feel needed to your bottle.

4. Fill Your Bottle.

Focus on the reason you choose your items as you fill the
bottle with them.

5. Seal Your Bottle.

You may simply seal with the cork stopper, the lid to your
bottle, or a crystal stopper. You may also additionally seal with the wax from a candle.

6. Meditate on Your Intent.

Once your bottle is sealed you might want to speak aloud
your intentions for creating the bottle and end with so mote it be. Hold your bottle and visualize your intentions being manifested.

7. Place Your Bottle.

For a kitchen spell bottle you might consider above or near
the oven, above or near the sink, hidden in a cabinet that you use the most often (such as plates or cups), the pantry, where you store your herbs and spices, above or near a doorway that leads to the rest of the house, as always trust your instincts.