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Witchcraft Discovered by Josephine Winter




Now is the Time to Do Witchcraft, Not Just Read About It

Packed with hands-on exercises, inspiring journal prompts, and confidence-boosting activities, this book helps build your magical foundation and eases any concerns you have about getting started in witchcraft. Whether you live in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, Josephine Winter provides easy ways to celebrate not only your spiritual practice, but the seasons as well. This comprehensive, accessible book introduces you to:

Sabbats • Elements • Witchy Tools • Divination • Plant Magic • Rituals • Spellcasting • Deities and Spirit • Planetary Magic • Meditation • Altar Work • Talismans • Magic Circles • Hearth Magic

Witchcraft Discovered encourages you to examine what it means to be a modern practitioner (witchcraft of the head), work with magical energy (witchcraft of the hands), and dance to your own drumbeat as you work (witchcraft of the heart). Josephine teaches you about witchcraft's history, traditions, and terminology, shares some kitchen witch recipes, and offers additional resources at every turn.

Josephine Winter has been a Pagan and witch for over two decades, beginning in Norse-inspired Heathenry and later the Alexandrian tradition of Wicca. She holds degrees in education, literature, and the arts. For the last decade, she has been a regular volunteer and organizer at various Pagan events around Australia. Josephine is the founder of Lepus Lumen, a teaching collective of covens, outer courts, and solo practitioners. She lives in country Victoria, in Australia's leafy south-east.

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