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TMQ Psychic Attunement + Intuition Ceremonial Flambeaux

The Moth Queen


Cedar wood that has been hand coated with a mix of herbs and oils in beeswax to support the intention of: Enhancing intuition, psychic attunement, and increasing spiritual discernment & comprehension.

Some herbs included are:

  • Marshmallow
  • Costmary
  • Sage
  • Five Finger Grass
  • Bay
  • Rosemary
  • Blue Lotus

How to Use:

Flambeaux are intended to be thrown into a ritual fire (think bonfire, firepit, large cauldron, etc.).

They are coated in beeswax so burning them as you would a smudge stick is not recommended since the wax could make  mess or become a fire hazard.

They can also be used as altar talismans or offerings without ever being burned.


Locally made & black witch owned

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