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The Dreaming I by Kezia Vida

Dream Wisely


Your dreams are a powerful and natural tool for growth, healing, and transformation. Learn how to crack the code of your dreams and dive even deeper into the incredible wisdom that is available for you every time you awaken from a dream. If you don't remember your dreams easily or you are struggling with challenging or disturbing dreams, this is the dream journal for you. The Dreaming I is a first of its kind tool for anyone looking to deepen their relationship with their dreams and get more out of their dream journal. The Dreaming I is split into three sections: RECORD - Start with simply writing down your dreams in the morning using the Open Dream Pages REFLECT - Go deeper with any dream you've had using the unique Daily Dream Pages method (Download for FREE here: - The last section of the book contains over 13 different exercises and tools organized by the type of dream you had. This section gives you space to create your own Dream Dictionary, explore the connections between your dreams and your waking life, process difficult or triggering dreams, and ideas about how to use your dreams to spark creativity. To deepen your dream practice, visit Dreaming I to see an in-depth video on how this journal works and purchase The Dreaming I: Online Course, a workshop designed to help you jumpstart your dream practice using this journal. Kezia Vida has years of experience guiding seekers like you on transformative journeys with their dreams. This book has been carefully developed to help you kickstart a contemplative dream practice that can have incredible benefits. Learn how to use your dreams to:>Shine light harmful emotional patterns>Increase intimacy and vulnerability in your relationships>Understand your relationship to spirituality>Learn how to manifest your true heart's intentions and goals

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