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Reawakening the Soul: Guidebook by Sundara Fawn



Reawakening the Soul, A Journey to Discover & Express Your True Nature Exploration Guidebook for Self-Discovery is a guided journey to awaken your soul as you unite with Spirit. Offering spiritual tools and exercises through multiple levels of consciousness, these antidotes re-program the brain chemistry. INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE: A soul-inspiring quote pertaining to the energy contained in the painting to stimulate hope. AFFIRMATION: The repetition of a positive and powerful concentrated thought with intensity, sincerity, conviction and faith will naturally create the change desired. CARD MESSAGE: Each message offers you a fresh new insight into the energies swirling around and within you in this physical plane. CARD SYMBOLOGY: An intuitive spiritual message with descriptive spiritual meanings of the symbols, colors and images contained in the painting. JOURNEY: Offers a guided meditation and journey to reawaken your soul. In this space, you leave your old story behind and create a new one—one that is aligned to your higher Self. As you journey into your soul, you begin to behold your eternal true nature as Spirit. INTROSPECTION: Self-inquiry through introspection can lead you to an increased understanding of your spiritual values, the meaning of life and your true purpose along with increased clarity about who you are. EFT/TAPPING: Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping exercises allow you to release past emotional blocks, which are buried in the physical body. Tapping on these meridian points, while concentrating on accepting and resolving the negative emotion(s) will release blocks, restoring your body and mind. This highly effective exercise is simple to use and offers instant results.

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