My Big Heart: A Children’s Book about Mindfulness and Self-Acceptanceby Jennifer Fae (Author), Dreja Novak (Illustrator)



Do you want your kiddo(s) to understand mindfulness so they can navigate their feelings and learn self-acceptance?

My Big Heart is a story of feeling small. While this includes the challenges and limitations that young children face on a physical level, it also relates to feeling small when it comes to their sense of self-worth. Children who feel small on an emotional level feel unseen and disconnected from the vastness of their truest selves and their potential.

In My Big Heart, the main character experiences a change of heart in how she sees herself and the world through mindfulness and connecting to her heart.

“I wish I was big enough to hug the moon. I wish I was big enough to kiss the sun. I wish I was big enough to catch a flying comet.”

Children experience many fears and challenges: fear of the dark, fear of monsters, fear of abandonment, fear of the future, fear of not being good enough, fear of being punished, fear of not belonging, fear of failure, etc.

My Big Heart can help show children:

• How to feel more confident and capable
• How to manage fears and emotions
• How to navigate life with more power and control
• How to love themselves
• How to accept themselves and others
• How to believe in themselves
• How to remember their true nature
• The science behind mindfulness

The story includes a word-for-word mindfulness script that can be used to support an at home mindfulness practice. A complimentary companion audio is also available at The story incorporates a mini science lesson too, where children get to learn about photons and the benefits that mindfulness has on the physical body.

The intention behind My Big Heart is to give children and families tools to help self-regulate, and never forget their true nature which is love. This story will help expose young minds to tools that will hopefully support them in navigating life with more ease.

This book is most suitable for ages 6 and up.

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