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JA Gemstone Moon Necklace

Jess Amarantes


Measures approximately 21".
Gemstone crescent moon on stainless steel chain.

Black Obsidian - Protection, Spiritual Connection
Bloodstone - Healing, Intuition, Creativity
Brecciated Jasper - Strength, Vitality, Grounding
Carnelian - Courage, Creativity, Sexuality
Clear Quartz - Harmony, Energy, Healing
Dalmation Jasper - Devotion, Playfulness, Prevents Nightmares
Green Aventurine - Creativity, Prosperity, Independence
Howlite - Patience, Awareness, Emotional Expression
Larvikite (Black Labradorite) - Knowledge, Psychic Ability, Repels Negative Energy
Mahogany Obsidian - Grounding, Strength, Protection
Picture Jasper - Connection to Earth, Brings Comfort, Alleviates Fear
Rose Quartz - Acceptance, Compassion, Unconditional Love
Sodalite - Unifies Logic with Intuition, Brings Truth
Tiger's Eye - Protection, Clear Thinking, Luck
Unakite - Vision, Balance, Grounding

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