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Empowerment Flower Essence Blend, 1/2 oz.

Dark Moon Botanicals


This blend is made with the essences of: Willow, Pansy, Echinacea, & Bleeding Heart, and has been created to help us achieve empowerment within ourselves, feeling free from the shackles of others, and feeling secure and stable living in our truth.

Willow flower essence is to help us let go of resentment and bitterness, fostering acceptance, forgiveness, and the ability to take responsibility for oneself. Willow calls on the qualities of flexibility and flow, allowing us to let go of rigidity and blame which can hold us back from the general flow of life. Bleeding Heart helps us to form healthy relationships with ourselves and others, helping us to learn to love unconditionally. Those who have a tendency to remain entangled in unhealthy relationships or struggle with codependency, possessiveness, and fear will find use when working with this plant. Bleeding Heart allows us to open ourselves up and find emotional freedom. Pansy flower essence draws out the quality of heart and mind from within the individual. Pansy helps us to face the world and strengthens our courage to share our beauty with the world. Pansy helps us to clear negative thoughts and open our heart chakra. Echinacea essence helps us connect to our core integrity and inner truth. Those who struggle with trauma and recovery, or struggle to understand the self, will find this plant to be beneficial to work with. Echinacea helps us move through trauma and find our true sense of self, teaching us how to live life to our fullest potential.

Take 3 drops, 3 times daily.
Not to be used in place of medical attention, please consult with a health care professional before using any products you are unfamiliar with.


Preserved with brandy*