Christian Candle Magic by Agostino Taumaturgo



The Power of Fire!

Since the dawn of time, man has harnessed the
awesome power of fire. Today the magic
continues, with the power of fire harnessed in
the light of a candle.

With this book, you'll learn:

- How candles form part of the Christian's life.
- The physical and psychological effects of color.
- How the Saints can make things happen.
- How to work the different types of candles.
- How to use the Rosary as a magical weapon.
- Rituals for Love, Money, Health, and Protection.
- How to read what your magic is doing.

The Paperback version also includes:

- 78 Prayers to contact the Saints.
- Oils and incenses to make your magic stronger.

Reading this book can be first step to changing
your life!

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