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Auric Protection (Boundaries) Flower Essence Blend, 1/2 oz.

Dark Moon Botanicals


This blend is made with the essences of Rue, Yarrow, St. John’s Wort, and Pink Yarrow, designed to protect the auric field from negative influences and allowing us to hold space for our boundaries.

Rue essence is used as an awakener of the psychic senses, opening space for enlightenment around negative or destructive influences in our lives. This essence is used to ward the auric frame against those who may want to cause harm. Rue is excellent for those who need support finding and maintaining protective boundaries and those who need to find a greater sense of clarity in life. Yarrow is another essence called upon for psychic protection, allowing us to witness the  boundary between yourself and another, allowing yourself to keep your own energy safe and contained. Those who are particularly sensitive to their surroundings and feel easily drained would find great benefit in working with this essence, as it aids us in finding emotional strength and resilience. Pink Yarrow is added into this essence as it works well with White Yarrow, but specifically holds strength with holding emotional boundaries and now allowing room to get too attached to other people’s influence. St. John’s Wort essence protects from astral/psychic influences, can alleviate excessive worry and general fears of the “negative”. SJW also seems to support those who struggle with depression and/or jealousy, creating an anchor for the soul to hold on to its radiant light. 

Take 3 drops, 3 times daily.
Not to be used in place of medical attention, please consult with a health care professional before using any products you are unfamiliar with.


Preserved with brandy*