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73 Magical Folk Rhymes : For Pagan Lessons and Practice by J.C. Artemisia



Magick is everywhere.

Rhyme and meter are frequently used in magick for tone or energetic flourish. Additionally, these writing strategies have served education and learning for centuries, from anagrams to mnemonics to rope skipping songs, musical language becomes one with us, transforming words into knowledge.

73 Magickal Folk Rhymes is a collection of rhyming couplets and insights into everyday magick, spiritual connection, and ritual practice. These easy-to-remember rhymes serve as reminders to experience the magick all around us.

Magick is meant to be shared, and the goal of J. C. Artemisia Books is always to engage the next generation of Pagan children. For this reason, all of the content in this book is family-friendly and approachable for kids with parent/ guardian guidance.

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