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September 2022 Mabon Newsletter

September 13, 2022

Asheville Pagan Supply

Divination for September – a one-card draw and

Deck: Anatomy of a Witch Oracle, by Laura
Tempest Zakroff
, published Llewellyn Publications.

Card: Bless

Throughout the month of September, the need for honoring the
sacredness in our lives, no matter what form it might take, is emphasized.
Incorporating a daily practice of gratitude can help to enhance the ability to recognize that each of us are a part of the sacred web, as well as help us to be more open to accepting blessings.

Conversely, not making time for reflection, nor exercising
the ability to acknowledge the blessings received with gratitude, can result in feeling out of balance and disconnected from the world and culture around us.


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